Health and Wellness

Learn how we can use meal planning, metabolic testing and continued support to help you reach your goals and feel better.

Educate and Guide

As nutritionist my goal is to educate and guide you towards optimal health in a common sense approach that is easy to implement.

Progress and Challenges

I give my clients confidence around food so they can stop worrying and start living their life. Let’s book your initial consultation!

Rubyane Marques | Clinical Nutritionist

Rubyane Marques

Clinical Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Rubyane Marques-Franca, a Clinical Nutritionist and an entrepreneur at heart. I love people, and being able to help people live healthier lives is so rewarding and gratifying. As a Nutritionist my main goal is to give my patients the tools, education, and support they need achieve their goals.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Applied Nutrition, from Framingham State Univeristy and while in school I witnessed some ground breaking therapies and really gained an understanding and how amazing the human body is, works, and is able to adapt to change. I fell more in love with nutrition. As I did; I began to notice that many of the diseases that I was most interested in were actually caused by lifestyle and improper nutrition. Things that could to be prevented, which turned into a mission to me.

All Nutrition Needs

Metabolic Test

We’ll measure your metabolism to learn the amount of calories you’re burning. This allows us to make sure you’re eating the correct amount of food each day to reach your goals.

Body Composition

We measure your weight, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, and visceral fat, which serves as a starting point and gives an understanding of what realistic goals are for you.

Life Assessment

Where do you grocery shop? Do you eat out? Do you cook? What are your food likes? The goal is to learn as much about you as possible, so I can create a plan that fits inside it.

Custom Planning

After I’ve gathered all the information, I create a personalized plan for you. Typically the turnaround on plans is three business days after our initial assessments are completed.

Follow-up Sessions

With my comprehensive plan, we have weekly follow up where I check in and see how you’re doing. Face to face is my preference, but online sessions are also available.

Healthy Meals

Choose from one of our convenient meal programs. Simply place your order, and each week we will deliver a variety of delicious, healthy meals for you at home.

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